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Thousands of federal government jobs are advertised on any given day. With fifty percent of the federal work force eligible for either early or regular retirement wholesale nfl jerseys there are abundant federal job opportunities. Jobs are available nationwide and overseas.

This site provides links to federal jobs by occupation, agency, and we include related state and local government, and private sector jobs to provide the largest selection of job opportunities available for your area. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) maintains the largest federal jobs data base and we link direct to their USAJOBS listings.

Why is it that some who land jobs with Uncle Sam have half the experience, education, and special qualifications that you have — and you’re still looking? Many who approach the federal sector lose out because they didn’t take the time to understand the federal hiring process. Others get frustrated by the required paperwork and give up prematurely. Decades later they will regret their impatience and wish they had done what it takes to land a high-paying and benefit-loaded government job. Use the resources on this site to fast track you through the process from comprehensive federal job listings, how to prepare a comprehensive federal resume, prepare for interviews and everything in between.

If you take the time to understand the differences between the private and public sectors, thoroughly complete your application package, and seek out all available job vacancies, your chances for employment will increase substantially. Start by exploring federal jobs listings on this website.

Improving Your Chances

It pays to start your employment search early for federal jobs. Applications can take weeks to process and rate. It can take even longer if written civil service test is required. From the time you first identify an opening to actual interviews and hiring can take months in some cases even under recent hiring reform initiatives. All individuals interested in federal employment should start researching the system, identifying jobs, visiting agency Web sites, and preparing for tests — if required — months in advance.

Too many job seekers pin all their hopes on one effort. They find a job announcement, send in an application, then forget about the process until they receive a reply. Federal jobs are highly competitive and the more jobs you apply for the better your chances. Content, proper spelling, and grammar counts when submitting your online application and/or federal style resume. In most cases you will complete your application using an online resume builder. The standard private sector resume isn’t sufficient to apply for most jobs, it lacks the detail necessary to be properly rated. You can write your resume/application independently with the proper resources and knowledge or you can use a professional federal resume writing service.

I participated in many selection panels during my 35 years of government service and was a certified rating official for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). I also coordinated and/or conducted hundreds of job interviews for our organization. The first impression that a rating official has of a new applicant is reflected by his or her application package. I can tell you that thousands of applications that I reviewed during my career were poorly done and didn’t make it through the initial review. Today, most applications are completed online and you can spell and grammar check your work before copying and pasting your work experiences into the online resume builders. Content is the key and you must tailor your application to the job announcement. If you don’t take time to compose a professional application you won’t be rated high enough to be considered for an interview.

Take the time necessary to draft a coherent, clear, error free, and concise federal style resume as outlined in our federal resume section. With today’s word processors and spell check functions there isn’t any reason to send in an application with misspelled words, and the word processor grammar check functions are also very helpful. If you don’t have the inclination or time to do it right, hire a service to assist you with your federal style resume. Notice that I say, assist you with your federal style résumé; it takes a lot of time and work for both the résumé service and client to complete a federal style résumé that will get results. So even if you hire a service to complete yours, understand that you will have to provide considerable input and devote time to reviewing drafts to get it right. Only those rated “Best Qualified” will be referred for interviews and eventually selected for a job.

Federal Agency Personnel Offices and Job Hotlines

202/720-2791  Other
  Bureau of Prisons 800/347-7744   EEOC 800-669-4000
  Commerce 202/482-2000   FCC 202/418-0130
  CIA 703/482-0623   Federal Reserve 202/452-3000
  Dept. of Interior 202/208-6702   FTC 202/326-2021
  Dept. of Labor 866/487-2365   General Accounting 202/512-3000
  Dept. of Defense 1-888-DOD-4USA   GSA 202/501-0370
  Education 202/401-0553   National
  Energy 202/586-1234   Social Security 410/965-1234
  EPA 202/272-0167   USA Jobs Hotline 703-724-1850
  FDIC 877-275-3342    
  H&HS 888/478-4340    
  HUD 202/708-0408    
  Interior 202/208-3100    
  Justice 202/514-3397    
  Transportation 202/366-4000    
  Treasury 304/480-6144    
  U.S. Peace Corps 800/712-3000    
  Veterans Affairs 202/273-9730    

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