Page updated 12/15/2016

Federal Jobs for Disabled Veterans | Jobs for Disabled People

Currently just under 12 percent of the total federal civilian workforce, over 219,000 people with disabilities, are employed by the federal government. Jobs for the disabled exist in most organizations and in hundreds of occupations. Total disabled employment has increased dramatically from 7% in 2010 to just o0ver 14 % of the total federal workforce in 2015. The President signed Executive Order 13548 requiring agencies to increase federal employment of individuals with disabilities in 2010, the 20th anniversary of the signing of the American Disabilities Act (ADA). These orders and the ADA have increased awareness among managers within the federal sector of their disabled hiring options. The federal government is working aggressively to expand total disabled employment opportunities within government. All agencies are required to establish Selective Placement Program Coordinators and to develop outreach efforts to identify qualified candidates to meet agency workforce diversity goals. All of this in an effort to ensure their offering as many jobs for the disabled as possible.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released the Report on the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities in the Federal Executive Branch.  Federal employees with disabilities represent 14.41 percent of the overall workforce, accounting for 264,844 people. This is more people with disabilities in Federal service, both in real terms and by percentage, than at any time in the past 35 years.